What is Iris?

Iris is a cloud-based case management and incident reporting platform built for the modern institution. It is a secure, compliant, and cost-effective platform for institutions of all sizes.

What's different about Iris?

Iris is an attempt to reimagine what a modern incident reporting and case management platform should be today. In a world full of outdated case management software, Iris is state-of-the-art and thoroughly designed and developed to securely and efficiently handle all conduct issues.

Built from scratch with conduct professionals.
Iris was built with input from conduct professionals representing over 100 universities. The challenges conduct professionals face have never been greater and we're proud to build software with direct input from the individuals at the highest level of the field.

Simple. Intuitive.
Iris removes all the complexity and just puts the essentials on your screen. For conduct professionals, it's the reports and cases they're managing and the tools needed to quickly resolve them.  For students, it's the resources they need to report any incident from a single website they can access on any device.

Modern software for modern campuses.
All the modern amenities you'd expect from a case management solution are present in Iris.  Collaborate in case notes.  Upload and store files by case.  Log events in a case timeline.  Assign and track sanctions.  Send letter templates. Provide accessible reporting and much, much more.

What is Iris used for?

Whether it's student conduct, Title IX, academic integrity or behavioral intervention, Iris covers everything related to managing reports, cases, and student conduct and well-being.

Iris takes a 360 degree approach to campus safety. It gives all your conduct offices one consistent experience for all use cases while providing accessible online reporting for the campus community.  With Iris, your whole campus is covered.

Who uses Iris?

Iris gives your campus community an intuitive, accessible place to access all incident report forms and resources during a time of need. Iris was built to manage all conduct-issues and to receive, organize and communicate information, files, deadlines and messages across offices. Iris licenses include access for unlimited offices and users so you can scale to add additional offices & teams at no extra cost.

Iris is used by student conduct professionals, BIT teams, Title IX coordinators, HR departments, residence life and K-12 school & district administrators.

Is Iris secure?

At Studi, we are proud to go above and beyond when it comes to protecting your information.  

Iris allows universities to share data across offices and institutions in a FERPA-compliant manner by offering end-to-end encryption, role-based user access, and other security measures.

Iris continuously undergoes rigorous vulnerability testing to seek out system weaknesses, dramatically decreasing the possibility of security issues.

Does Iris integrate with other tools?

Iris integrates with any higher education ERP like PeopleSoft, Banner, Colleague, and Jenzabar so you can integrate your existing data with Iris to improve efficiency and simplify workflows.

Iris also integrates with Gmail and Outlook so you can spend less time juggling tabs and more time focused on what matters. Our team works with your office(s) to render historical reports, cases and data so you can hit the ground running without worrying about reconciliation and conversion.

How much is Iris?

Iris is priced based on institutional enrollment for universities and on a per-campus basis for districts & charter systems. We are committed to finding a digestible price for both parties in all business dealings.

Iris is licensed on an annual basis and includes: free data migration, installation, live training, 24/7 support, and free training videos.

Should I switch to Iris?

If you wish your current solution was:

• Less expensive
• Easier to use
• More customizable
• Working along side you

Then we're confident Iris would be a great fit for your institution. We make switching a breeze with free data migration and installation, so you can hit the ground running with no downtime.

What's Studi the company about?

Studi is an education-technology company focused on empowering schools with cost-effective solutions to reduce time spent computing and direct more hours to the duties that keep the wheels turning. As developers, designers and tech-junkies, our mission is to deliver exceptional software that utilizes many of the conveniences modern computing has to offer.

Iris (Incident Reporting Information System) was designed and developed by our talented technical team located in Dallas, TX. Using the latest technology and frameworks, we ensure Iris offers the best experience, security, and privacy on the market.

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