Cover all things conduct and well-being.

With ERP integration and granular permissions, effective case management happens in Iris.

Learn how Student Affairs use Iris for:

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Student Management

Manage all your students in a single place.

Iris integrates with your student information system allowing you to stay on top of student conduct, sanctions, interim measures, and more.

Record management
Student conduct processes can generate a number of documents and files, which quickly become disorganized. Files as a result of a report or case can easily be shared and stored in student profiles in Iris.
Conduct and well-being
From students of concern to conduct issues, manage student needs from receipt to outcome.

Stay on schedule with shared calendars.

Scheduling all of your different meetings across tens or hundreds of cases can quickly become overwhelming. Calendars in Iris remove the headache from scheduling.

Shared case calendar
Every case has a shared calendar for your entire team so everyone can stay in the know.
Student schedules
View student schedules for easier scheduling and less back-and-forth.

Stay on top of student discipline.

Integrate your code of conduct with your student conduct process and manage everything in Iris.

Track sanctions
Assign sanctions and connect students with appropriate resources and tools helping promote growth and learning in light of accountability.
Reminder deadlines
Notification preferences let you customize when to be notified about sanction deadlines.
Data & Analytics

Understand student trends in real time.

Through data insights and reports, gain an understanding of conduct issues on your campus and stay proactive.

Data exports
Export all of your data with a single click.
Simple data migration
Switching to Iris? All of the data from your past systems will be migrated to Iris before you even start using the platform.
Keep an eye on the data that matters
See data for each case type and visualize trends over time.

Solutions for your whole institution

With Iris, your whole institution gets a powerful case manager built to integrate all the tools you need in a single place—saving you time and money.

Institutions change for the better when they work in Iris.

With tools to make every part of your process more efficient, quick implementation and a support team excited to help you, case management has never been easier.

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