Don't worry—it's siloed.

With granular permissions and employee integration, Iris is the first CMS to effectively incorporate Human Resources into the equation.

Learn how Human Resources use Iris for:

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Employee Management

Manage employee needs and incidents.

Iris integrates case management with employee file management.

Documents and files
HR processes can generate a number of documents, which often live in different systems. Any document or file can be stored in employee profiles in Iris.
Requests or incidents
From specific requests to incidents, manage employee needs from receipt to outcome.

Automate your human resourcing resources.

Iris integrates your employee records into one place, allowing you to concentrate efforts and reach resolutions and outcomes faster.

Automated report routing
Reports are automatically routed to the correct HR personnel.
Keep information organized
Put information at everyone's fingertips. Cases and reports can be searched and shared without leaving Iris, giving everyone the answers they need faster.
Track employees
Collaborate on everything from requests to issues with your employee information system integrated with Iris.

Build culture through transparency.

Meet employee expectations by providing transparency throughout the process.

Monitor progress
With Iris, employees and HR personnel alike can monitor the progress of a case and ensure that needs are being met.
Move away from email
Employees often perceive an email to HR as a black hole for requests or reports. They have no idea if its been received or what the status is. With Iris, they can login anytime to view the status of a report.
Secure Collaboration

Peace of mind collaboration

HR cases can be complex and require more than one person in order to resolve the case. Iris keeps information only in the hands of the personnel who need to see it.

Confidential information
Employee information should be secure and confidential. In Iris, only the people you choose to see information will be able to see it.
Granular permissions
Configure permissions for each member of your team only giving access to what each member should see.
Track communication and progress
Iris makes it simple for HR to collaborate to resolve issues, inquiries, and requests.

Solutions for your whole institution

With Iris, your whole institution gets a powerful case manager built to integrate all the tools you need in a single place—saving you time and money.

Institutions change for the better when they work in Iris.

With tools to make every part of your process more efficient, quick implementation and a support team excited to help you, case management has never been easier.

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