Manage student issues effectively with integrated data.

Without accessible information, students are often misunderstood. Iris is your hub for understanding student realities.

Learn how counselors use Iris for:

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Student Management

Manage all your students in Iris.

Iris integrates with your student information system and gives you all the tools to stay on top of your students' academic achievement, career choices and personal, social or behavioral issues.

Personal, social or behavioral issues
Align with other key personnel on getting students the resources and direction they need.
Improve your reach
Counselors are often stretched thin with high counselor-to-student ratios. Iris automates repetitive work allowing you to improve your effective reach with the personnel and resources you have.
Record management
Guidance counseling generates a number of documents and files, which quickly become disorganized. In Iris, you can easily store images, files, videos, and documents related to a report, case or person.
Incident reporting

Stay in the loop on personal, social or behavioral issues.

Students are your best source of information when comfortable mediums to speak up are in place. Bridge the divide with the Iris reporting portal—accessible on mobile or desktop.

Automated report routing.
Sharing reports or information to the appropriate counselor is a tedious task. Iris is configured to automatically route reports to the counselor who needs to know.
Simple form builder.
Customize unlimited forms to give students a place to come forward with any type of issue or complaint.

Taking a contextual approach to school counseling.

Context on students can serve as an important basis for the profession of school counseling, influencing both your approach and required resources.

Better outcomes through context
Building context through teamwork creates a more effective, holistic way to give students the resources and help they need.
Work better, together
When all your offices are working in Iris, important information you may not normally be aware of is at everyone's fingertips.
Remove the barrier between siloed information
Siloed systems give you a fragmented, partial view of students and your campus. Iris removes traditional silos by integrating all your offices and bringing a unified approach to collaboration that puts students first.

Give more individual attention to every student.

It is clear that the larger the counselor's student load, the less individual attention students receive; Iris improves efficiency by integrating all the tools you need in a single place, increasing the individual attention each student receives without having to hire more counselors.

Custom workflows
Create workflows to create set processes for academic, career, and personal work for each student.
Automated report routing
Reports are automatically routed to the correct Guidance Counselor.

Solutions for your whole institution

With Iris, your whole institution gets a powerful case manager built to integrate all the tools you need in a single place—saving you time and money.

Institutions change for the better when they work in Iris.

With tools to make every part of your process more efficient, quick implementation and a support team excited to help you, case management has never been easier.

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