Prevention through context and interactive technology

From students of concern to threat assessment, Iris is your hub for planned intervention.

Learn how Behavioral Intervention teams use Iris for:

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Incident Reporting

Report students of concern and potential threats.

Students are your best source of information. Harness their knowledge by providing an accessible online reporting portal through Iris.

Automated report routing
Getting reports in the hands of the appropriate personnel is a manual and tedious task. Remove the headache from report routing in Iris with reports automatically routed to the people who need access to them.
Simple form builder
Receive the information you need to effectively identify students of concern and threatening behavior.
Planned Intervention

Develop proactive plans to address behavior.

Improve student outcomes with positive behavioral interventions, strategies and support.

Track student progress
All the information related to a single person or case are stored in the same place making collaboration effective and keeping all of your team in the know.
Custom workflows
Customize and order statuses to move interventions through set processes.
Secure Collaboration

Collaboration that puts safety first.

Effectively collaborate in Iris with your entire team.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance
Enterprise-grade security is built into every aspect of how Iris works, without sacrificing ease-of-use; so you can do your work with peace of mind.
Confidential information
Behavioral information should be secure and confidential. In Iris, only the people you choose to see information will be able to see it.
Granular permissions
Configure granular permissions for each member of your team across campuses, districts and systems.
Threat Assessment

Keep your campus on a safe path.

Effective threat assessment helps campuses handle potential threats and gives schools a process to help prevent school shootings and other violence.

Central reporting system
Centralize your reporting resources through Iris with reports automatically routed to the correct personnel.
Collaborative environment
Quickly collaborate with various administrators for better decision-making.
Simple sharing outside of Iris
Easily share specific information with read-only links to people outside of Iris.

Solutions for your whole institution

With Iris, your whole institution gets a powerful case manager built to integrate all the tools you need in a single place—saving you time and money.

Institutions change for the better when they work in Iris.

With tools to make every part of your process more efficient, quick implementation and a support team excited to help you, case management has never been easier.

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