Studi's mission

At Studi, we believe that technology can create powerful solutions to improve campus safety and student outcomes. We develop technology for K-12 schools and colleges to deliver maximum value for minimal cost—a model that aims to improve your effective reach with the personnel and resources you have. Our team is devoted to continuously maintaining and improving our technology by learning from and interacting with school administrators. With your students and staff in mind, we are committed to transparency, innovation and the relentless pursuit of making American campuses a safe and inclusive space for all.

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Studi is an education-technology company that provides reporting & case management software to K-12 schools and colleges across the country. Our flagship product, Iris, is designed to support accessible reporting for campus communities and effective communication, response and prevention between various administrators.

As designers, developers and technologists, our mission is to deliver a platform that fosters increased communication between campus communities and the administrative resources available to them. We empower administrators with easy-to-use tools to spend less time working and more time focusing on student outcomes.

We aren’t former educators, administrators or safety professionals, and we don’t pretend to be. We are passionate about technology, what it can enable and the immeasurable benefit of safe and inclusive learning environments. The solutions we provide aren’t possible without insights from our partners, customers and experts in various fields of school safety.

Our leadership team

Jimmy Greaser
Product Design, Marketing
Alex Pedraza
Sales, Business Development
David Wu
Tajbir Boney

Institutions change for the better when they work in Iris.

With tools to make every part of your process more efficient, quick implementation and a support team excited to help you, case management has never been easier.

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